Summer Attractions and Activities

Spring, Summer, and Fall attractions and activities located near the cottage.

Please visit the following links for detailed information on the attractions and activites near the cottage and around 31 miles lake.

Water Maze
Located on an enchanting site in Gracefield, Quebec, Eco-Odyssee is a water maze that comprises an estimated 60 intersections spread out over more than 6km.

Foret de l'Aigle
Horseback riding, Bear watching, hiking, and aerial treks in Maniwaki, Quebec.

Chateau Logue Resort
Spa facilities and more. Located in Maniwaki, Quebec

Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg
Learn about Algonquin culture first-hand in an authentic setting. The 90-minute visit wraps up with a chance for everyone to taste bannock (aboriginal bread) and maple syrup.